6 advantages of introducing easy order

❶Labor cost reduction and human resource shortage elimination  

Since the staff does not have to go to pick up an order, a small number of people can handle the hall work, reduction of personnel costs for hall staff, and elimination of shortage of personnel such as part-time jobs.

❷Prevent loss of ordering opportunities and increase per-customer price  

Even when the store is crowded and the sales staff are not busy, customers can feel free to order when they want to order as much as they want, so the number of orders increases and the customer unit price increases!

❸Reduction of complaints due to reduction of order mistakes  

Customers can enter the touch panel and place an order to prevent mistakes.
Therefore, Customer complaints, food and time loss can be eliminated.

❹Easy menu change and immediate reflection  

Have you ever wondered, "I want to put out a new menu or change the menu price, but it takes time and money to rewrite the menu so I can't do that...".
With EASY ORDER, the store itself can easily and immediately add new menus and change menus and prices.

❺Make your menu more attractive with vivid photos  

Since the menu has vivid pictures, it is easier for customers to have an image of cooking and express more attractive dishes!

❻Foreign language menus can be prepared for foreigners  

The EASY ORDER menu supports both English and Japanese, so even if the staff does not speak English, you can handle foreign customers!